Exploring Immigration Clinics in Hamilton: Your Gateway to a Smooth Immigration Process

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Embarking on a journey towards a new life in a foreign land can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. Among the various requirements involved in the immigration process, one crucial aspect is completing the immigration medical examination. In Hamilton, a city renowned for its diverse immigrant population, several clinics cater to the medical needs of prospective immigrants. In this blog post, we will explore two prominent immigration clinics in Hamilton: Victoria Clinic and Worldwise Travellers Health Hub.

Victoria Clinic

Your Comprehensive Immigration Medical Service Located in the heart of Hamilton, Victoria Clinic stands as a trusted name in providing comprehensive immigration medical services. As part of the onshore panel physician network for Immigration New Zealand, the clinic specializes in conducting medical examinations required for immigration purposes. At Victoria Clinic, you can expect a seamless experience, as it offers integrated medical services including onsite X-ray and lab facilities, making it a one-stop destination for all your immigration medical requirements.

How Does it Work? To initiate the process, all you need to do is schedule an appointment at Victoria Clinic. Ensure that you bring your passport along with you, as it is a mandatory document for the medical examination. Furthermore, when booking your appointment, you will be requested to pay 50% of the medical fee in advance.

Worldwise Travellers Health Hub

Situated conveniently at the Anglesea Pharmacy in Hamilton, the Worldwise Travellers Health Hub offers specialized services in travel vaccinations and immigration medicals. Whether you are preparing for a journey across the globe or simply require an immigration medical examination, this clinic has got you covered. Understanding the significance of immigration medicals in the overall immigration process, Worldwise Travellers Health Hub is dedicated to delivering high-quality medical examinations tailored to the requirements of Immigration New Zealand. With their experienced team of professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that your medical examination will be conducted efficiently and accurately.


As you navigate the intricate path of immigration, it is essential to prioritize your health and fulfill the necessary medical requirements. The immigration clinics in Hamilton, such as Victoria Clinic and Worldwise Travellers Health Hub, offer top-notch services to ensure a smooth immigration process. Whether you seek a comprehensive medical examination or specialized travel vaccinations, these clinics provide the expertise and convenience you need. Rest assured, your journey to a new life starts on the right foot with the assistance of these esteemed immigration clinics in Hamilton.