Best Marine Insurance Companies in Auckland: Protecting Your Maritime Assets


When it comes to safeguarding your valuable marine assets, such as personal pleasure crafts or commercial vessels, choosing the right marine insurance company is crucial. Auckland, a city known for its vibrant maritime culture, offers a range of insurance providers catering to the unique needs of boat owners and businesses alike. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best marine insurance companies in Auckland, highlighting their expertise, customer focus, and commitment to providing comprehensive coverage for your maritime ventures.

Tower Insurance

For over 150 years, Tower Insurance has been a trusted partner for Kiwis and Pacific customers, offering a wide range of insurance products. Tower’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their relentless focus on delivering simple and rewarding experiences. With their strategic priorities aimed at growth, innovation, and financial strength, Tower has established itself as a resilient and robust insurance provider. Operating in New Zealand and seven Pacific Island nations, Tower offers comprehensive coverage for houses, cars, businesses, and more.

Wayne Grayson & Associates

Wayne Grayson & Associates is a reputable insurance agency in Auckland, specializing in both Boat Insurance, or Personal Pleasure Craft Insurance, and Commercial Marine Insurance. Whether you own a yacht, a jet-ski, or a commercial vessel, Wayne Grayson & Associates has you covered. Their policies protect against loss or damage to your marine craft and provide liability coverage while using the vessel. With a client-centric approach, Wayne Grayson & Associates builds relationships based on trust, ensuring that your unique needs and requirements are their top priority.

Nautical Insurance

Nautical Insurance, established in 1988, is the largest arranger of boat insurance in New Zealand. Their focus on value for money is evident in their wide coverage options, competitive premiums, and prompt claim response times. By streamlining the insurance process, Nautical eliminates the hassle of boat owners having to negotiate insurance terms individually. Their long-standing marketing arrangement with Vero Insurance allows them to offer favorable premiums and comprehensive policy coverage. In addition, Nautical provides crucial support during claims, offering assistance with salvage, recovery, and expert advice.

Vero Insurance

Vero Insurance is one of New Zealand’s most experienced marine insurers, offering world-class marine insurance and risk management solutions. Recognizing the importance of the transport industry in a trading nation like New Zealand, Vero’s dedicated marine team provides protection for cargo, hull risks, and marine and transport liabilities. Boat owners can also rely on Vero for pleasurecraft insurance, ensuring that their prized possessions remain secure on the water. With their expertise in underwriting and claims management, Vero Insurance offers comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique needs of boat owners and businesses.

Mariner Insurance

Trusted by Kiwis for over a decade, Mariner Insurance is a locally owned and operated marine insurance provider in New Zealand. With specialist cover for all types of boats and watercraft, including blue water, construction, transit, and charter boats, Mariner Insurance understands the diverse needs of boat owners. Their dedication to providing tailored coverage and exceptional customer service sets them apart. Whether you’re a recreational boat owner or a commercial operator, Mariner Insurance offers peace of mind through their comprehensive marine insurance policies.


Protecting your marine assets is paramount, and choosing the right marine insurance company in Auckland is essential. Each of the aforementioned insurance providers brings unique strengths to the table, catering to the diverse needs of boat owners and businesses. Wayne Grayson & Associates, Tower Insurance, Nautical Insurance, Vero Insurance, and Mariner Insurance stand out as some of the best marine insurance companies in Auckland, offering comprehensive coverage, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to ensuring your maritime ventures are protected. So, whether you’re a recreational boat owner or a commercial operator, make an informed decision and secure your maritime assets with the expertise of these reputable insurance providers.