Gateways to Protection: Understanding the Importance and Varieties of Security Gates in New Zealand

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In an era where security is a top concern, investing in robust security measures for residential and commercial properties is essential. One effective solution is the installation of security gates. In New Zealand, Watchu Security is a leading provider offering a range of security gates tailored to meet various requirements. This blog post delves into the types of security gates available, highlighting the features, benefits, and importance of these systems in enhancing property security.

Sliding Gates

Watchu Security specializes in supplying and installing sliding gate systems for residential and light commercial applications. These gates operate on a track system, with wheels set in angle iron at the base. The gate moves along the track, driven by a rack and pinion system connected to a motor. Sliding gates are an excellent choice when space is limited, making them ideal for small driveways. Their robust appearance acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders, providing a solid barrier against unauthorized entry. While they offer cost advantages compared to other gate types, regular maintenance and noise levels should be considered.

Cantilever Gates

For commercial, industrial, and bespoke residential applications, Watchu Security offers cantilever gate systems. These automated gates are increasingly popular due to their numerous advantages. Unlike traditional sliding gates, cantilever gates feature a unique structure with an overhang at the drive end. The gate is suspended above the ground using wheeled carriages, eliminating the need for a track. This design makes cantilever gates suitable for sloped driveways and environments with limited space. They are virtually silent, low maintenance, and aesthetically appealing. Cantilever gates excel in terms of safety, efficiency, and speed, making them a preferred option for heavy-duty applications.

Importance of Security Gates

Installing security gates offers several key benefits. First and foremost, they act as a strong physical deterrent, discouraging potential intruders from targeting your property. Security gates provide a barrier that helps prevent unauthorized access, protecting your premises and ensuring peace of mind. These gates enhance safety by controlling and monitoring the entry and exit points of your property. They also contribute to privacy, limiting visibility and maintaining a secure environment for occupants. Moreover, security gates add value to your property, enhancing its overall appeal and marketability.


Investing in the right security gate is a crucial step toward ensuring the safety and protection of your residential or commercial property. Watchu Security stands out as a reliable provider of sliding gates and cantilever gates, catering to diverse requirements. Sliding gates offer space-saving benefits and visual deterrence, while cantilever gates excel in versatility, aesthetics, and safety. By installing these robust gate systems, property owners can enhance security, control access, and enjoy peace of mind. Don’t compromise on safety—choose the right security gate solution that aligns with your needs and secures your property effectively.